The Chequers Agreement, the view of a QC.

An analysis of by Martin Howe QC says the UK will still be bound by the EU rulebook and have to obey, in complete detail, the laws promulgated by the EU without having a vote on the content of those laws.

Clearly, acceptance of the EU “rule book” will limit our room for manoeuvre in trade negotiations, constraining the UK’s ability to exploit opportunities, such as joining the Trans-Pacific partnership (CPTPP).
93% of UK companies don’t export to the Single Market but will have to comply with EU regulations, at a cost equivalent to 7% of GDP (£140bn pa) according to Gordon Brown in 2005. So our ability to offload much of that enormous burden will clearly be prejudiced by the Chequers proposal.

Is Theresa May seriously suggesting that paying £39 billion is a good deal, bearing in mind that the EU will not accept that proposal and will expect the PM to make more concessions ? If so, what would you regard as a bad deal ? Of great concern is the way in which an un-elected civil servant, Ollie Robbins, seems to be taking a lead in all this, by – passing elected government ministers in the process. Dominic Raab is supposed to be our “negotiator “. Why is Robbins going to Brussels, and what is he doing and saying ?

According to press photographs, David Davis was reading Cabinet papers which the PM had seemingly withheld, until after her meeting with Mrs Merkel. Was this on the advice of, or with the knowledge of, Olly Robbins ?. The Govt seems to have returned to the days of Blair’s presidential approach, when Ministers had little influence over what Blair and his advisors decided to do. As we discovered, Blair was giving Britain’s sovereignty away piecemeal !

If The Govt fails to deliver Brexit for the 408 (62.8%) constituencies which voted to leave the EU, then it will pay a very heavy price. It is essential that the PM does not ask for an extension to Article 50 and is not stupid enough to arrange another referendum.

Please urge the PM strongly not to be so foolish as to pursue either of those options.

What we need now is strong leadership and direction to deliver “Brexit means Brexit”, taking us fully out of the single market, the customs union and free of the EU rule book. That is what Leaving the EU means.

The phony war and the time for compromise, is over and the real Battle for Britain is beginning. Will you be fighting for the survival of your party, or for the will of 408 constituencies, on other words, the very soul of The United Kingdom ?