Why do we want to leave the EU ?


What is happening to British Public Opinion? How could an anti-Brexit demonstration with 100,000 people take place in London last week? It appears that some have forgotten why we wish to leave and are using purely speculative economic reasons for staying in the EU.

It is worth repeating our reasons for leaving for the benefit of EU remainers and some in our own government.

The main reason for leaving is not financial: the main concern is to become a self-governing nation state again, from which all benefits will flow. We have been prisoners of the EU for 43 years when in 1975 we voted to remain in the “common market”.

Our government under Ted Heath set this up, without telling the Public that our Law Courts would be subservient to the European Court and that we would be in a customs union that required tariffs (i.e. taxes) to be charged on all non-EU imports. Thus all trade with our own commonwealth became taxable and therefore more expensive. A further omission from the truth was the annexing by the EU of our fishing rights which removed many affordable fresh fish varieties from our shops and decimated our fishing fleets.

Harold Wilson mentioned none of this in his referendum on the common market. These lies of omission were far greater than any of the trivial propaganda produced for the 2016 referendum. The greatest omission above all was the European objective of changing, little by little, into a Federal Republic of Europe in the Treaty of Rome (that we signed as part of the Treaty of Accession to the EU in 1972) where “Ever Closer Union” was the euphemism for this objective.

Heath and Wilson were traitors in this respect by offering our sovereignty to a foreign power.

I must confess that I voted to stay in the common market in 1975, not being very interested in politics and ignorant of the Treaty of Rome, as were most people who probably still are. We are now partly governed by decree from a non-democratic government in Brussels, which is approved by a Parliament that contains no opposition parties to oppose the un-elected government. Who, in the name of reason, would want to preserve such a system?

The answer surely is a rich minority who will benefit financially by remaining in the EU. The majority will eventually benefit financially in cheaper food, lower taxes and less bureaucracy, by leaving the EU.

Don’t throw the opportunity away!

Contribution by Bruce Clark, UKIP Branch Treasurer

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