Well it wouldn’t take many disgruntled voters to make a huge impact

Well it’s now 3 weeks since Mrs May and her team of backslappers descended on her country home in leafy Buckinghamshire, about a mile from Wendover station, I won’t go in to the technical jargon as I find most of it gobbledegook.

Needless to say I am therefore at the hands of those who have had a far better education than I, and who can understand such things, from my perspective there were only 2 option on the ballot paper of 23rd June 2016, a simple ” Leave ” or ” Remain ” question, which we all know the winning of it became known as ” Brexit” by adding Hard or Soft or other names for us leaving is made up by Remainers to add their deceptive slant on the matter, in effect what they are trying to say is that they would rather we stayed, rather we hadn’t embarked on the journey, rather we didn’t have a vision for a prosperous UK outside of a crumbling protectionist cartel, and that we were just sitting in front of the fire, nice and cosy, slippers on and laughing at the most banal stomach churning lefty attempt at comedy.

Mrs May’s attempt to bludgeon a deal from her cabinet must rank as one of her biggest miscalculations, and we thought it would be difficult to outdo herself over her General election performance of 2017, but she managed. The collective unity lasted probably 36 hours, if that before the rumblings commenced with the resignations following, In a perverse way I sort of trust my fellow Brexiteers who have their eye on the ball and who can spot this sort of thing brewing, well it’s snowballing and will grow, May knows this which is why she wanted an early end to the political term, but she rather wimpishly withdrew the motion at the last minute.

The litmus test is how the Tory grass roots will react and over the weekend it has emerged those Local Tory associations, summoned by Gavin Barwell for a briefing reacted rather ferociously to the Chequers deal, calling it anything from a betrayal to much worse, if you could do such a thing.

On the upside this has meant a resurgence in the fortunes of UKIP, Since Gerard Batten took over his no nonsense approach has ruffled a few in the establishment, just what we like, something we had forgotten to do, from March to June we saw a steady increase in membership of about 1000, over the weekend of the Chequers debacle the website handling memberships crashed un the demand, in July alone over 2000 people have joined and it’s continuing.

We know that the likelihood of May delivering the Brexit we wanted is virtually zilch which means a huge number of Brexiteer Tories have a decision to make, Do they stay and try and convince May she’s wrong, that would be akin to Cameron’s EU negotiations in early 2016, pointless, May won’t change just like the EU didn’t.

Having been elected on the “we’ll deliver the Brexit people voted for”, and “it’s a core part of our manifesto”, you had to hope they would deliver, but then we’re forgetting the remainer stance and influence of the UK establishment, but the betrayal of the Brexit argument now runs far deeper than this betrayal, it goes right to the core of trust of the Tories and the establishment in general, and even Labour, the LibLabCon cartel.

Are any Tories really going to try and tell us that we should now back May and Co, Give them another chance…only a fool would be daft enough to be sucked in to that trap, so the future of the longstanding cartel is finally in doubt, UKIP’s re-emergence could rattle a few cages.

I said a few weeks ago that it wouldn’t take many disgruntled voters to really throw a spanner in the LibLabCon world of betrayal.

I said that about 10m of those disgruntled voters, which after all is just under 2/3 of those who feel betrayed getting behind one cause, the Brexit cause, and voting UKIP, would literally wipe out LibLabCon.

The votes cast at GE 2107 were as follows.
Tory 13,650,900
Labour 12,858,652
Now just imagine for one moment of hypothetical self-indulgence that the 10m disgruntled voters came as a 50/50 split from Lab/Con

Disgruntled voters 10,000,000
Tory 8,650,900
Labour 7,858,652

You see from the example that a unified Brexit cause could create havoc for them and not before time.

Imagine my surprise when over the weekend a (Notoriously unreliable) You Gov poll was issued stating that 4 in 10 voters were prepared to back UKIP to get Brexit.
32,158,271 voted at GE2017, that would indicate 12.863,308 could potentially vote for the only truly Brexit party left, well the example above was based on 10m not 12.8m, the havoc to the Tories & Labour would be immense.

I know it’s an example, I know about FPTP blah blah but it just goes to show it doesn’t and wouldn’t take a lot of voters to not only get the Brexit we voted for, but also a much needed change to the way the UK is going, let’s also make Brexit a chance to change the way we run ourselves.

I’ll close by saying if Soubry can get away with her constant mouthing off, I am sure I can pass this off under the radar.

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