Marchemont Farm Development

Six ‘Local Allocations’ (Green Belt sites identified for housing development and other associated uses) were identified in the Council’s strategic plan, called the Core Strategy.

The Core Strategy was adopted in September 2013. Further detail on these sites is provided in the Site Allocations document adopted in July 2017. The landowners, in partnership with the Council, have prepared master plans for each Local Allocation.

These master plans add further detail to the site requirements set out in the Site Allocations document; providing further information on the design and layout of the sites.

Consultation on this site was carried out as part of preparation of the Council’s Core Strategy (adopted September 2013) and through other consultation events, including those associated with the Pre-Submission Site Allocations consultation in 2014.

These responses, where appropriate, have been used to help prepare the master plans. Details of the public consultation undertaken are set out in the Local Allocations master plan Consultation Report.

This master plan is intended to be read alongside the Site Allocations document. The master plans have been updated to ensure they reflect the wording of the adopted Site Allocations document, where this has been amended through the public examination process.

The master plans seek to take forward and elaborate on the visions and principles in Policies LA1-LA6 in the Site Allocations DPD. They must be consistent with that approach and all modifications made to that document in progressing the DPD to adoption.

The master plans and all indicative spatial layouts have also been prepared on the basis of technical work submitted at the time of the examination of the Site Allocations DPD.

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