Direct from the Farmers mouth, as project fear MK2 ramped up by May and the Govt

This is an excerpt from a farmer, his words, totally unedited.

The fruit we buy in from the EU is sprayed with more harmful products than allowed in the UK. Fact. Their fruit is often harder/less fresh due to transportation issues. Worst countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Germany & Romania.

Britain produces more than enough for UK needs: we throw out more fruit and veg than we consume. Supermarkets realise this and up the prices weekly, which costs farmers throughout the UK and doesn’t provide us with a steady income.

The ‘EU fruitpickers’ myth is the biggest bullshit story I’ve ever read. Only a small proportion of pickers are from the EU.

If we want fresh fruit in the winter, its better to import from Australia, New Zealand etc as their summer time is during our winter time. Simple.

The idea that we will have to stockpile food to avoid a 10 minute check on imports at the ports is ludicrous. Gary Linekar et al need a reality check, and stick to what they know. Farming isn’t one of them!

We import 26% of produce from the rest of the world, with no import checks as they have been agreed by the UK gov over the last 40 years. Current trade deals agreed by EU will be in place on the day we leave, already confirmed.