Project Fear 2.0 reaches ridiculous lows

It’s being reported that the army is on standby to help deliver food, medicines, and fuels if there are shortages in the wake of a “no deal” Brexit. In short, they are claiming that there may be a national emergency in the event of Brexit. This is yet another desperate ploy by the Remainer establishment to scare the British people into cancelling Brexit.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:

“I wouldn’t put it past our treacherous government to manufacture a national emergency such as this to stop Brexit. The whole process has been delayed and impeded with the intention of having a withdrawal agreement whereby we leave, in name, not in reality, or to reverse the process entirely. Although an Act of Parliament has been passed stating that we leave on the 29th March 2019 parliament could repeal that. UKIP is the only credible political force dedicated to serving the will of 17.4 million Britons who voted for Brexit and we are doing everything in our power to cut through the lies and disinformation that the establishment is pumping out.

“How low will the establishment go to terrorise us ?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been warned that Brexit will lead to breakouts of super-gonorrhea, no sandwiches and passenger planes being grounded indefinitely. Now the establishment has stooped as low to insinuate that the people may starve and suffer without modern medicines lest the military intervene. The really scary thing is that it’s the government that is perpetuating the baseless paranoia.”


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