Why is there opposition to Brexit?

I am Incredulous that so many of our intelligent citizens and many of our established leaders are simply following the strategy of the founders of the European Union (EU).

Jean Monnet, the architect of the EU project, said that support from the public should be sought for economic reasons and not for the real reason of creating a new nation called Europe, by first destroying the sovereignty of the existing nations (the public would never approve). Economic prediction is not a science; it is frequently wrong and biased by the opinions of its advocates.

Brexit, as supported by the majority, is simply a movement to restore self-government to Britain, and to ignore forecasts of economic doom. To be self-governing requires Freedom, a concept that cannot be bought or sold: it is beyond price and should never be surrendered.

I shall never understand why so many wish to remain in the EU for imagined economic advantages or fear of disadvantages. Hard work and enterprise will always bring economic success for a free country.

Bruce Clark, Hemel Hempstead
July 2018