George Soros’ Best for Britain fined by Electoral Commission over Donations and Spending Issues

Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros’ group Best For Britain has been slapped with a fine by the Electoral Commission.

The anti-Brexit group, once fronted by Gina Miller, was given two separate fines, totalling £1,250 for, ‘failing to return an impermissible donation and to deliver an accurate spending return for the 2017 General Election.’

Last week @BestForBritain blasted Vote Leave for an incorrect spending return, saying: “it is time for them to admit the campaign was dodgy. They need to apologise.”

Today Best for Britain have been fined by the Electoral Commission for an incorrect spending return in 2017.

Such a small monetary sum will prove no issue to Best For Britain chairman Malloch Brown, who is worth an estimated £1.5 billion, and Soros, who once profited to the tune of £1 billion betting against British markets during an economic downturn.

Earlier this year, Malloch Brown (inset) said the UK is destined to become a ‘mangy old lion’ because of Brexit.
It will however call into question the legitimacy of a party who were very keen to call for a second referendum on the basis similar fines were handed to pro-Brexit groups in May.

A spokesperson for the group said: “The Brexit campaigns cheated. This is a fact. Brexit was voted through on a tiny majority by a campaign that broke the rules. The people need their final say on Brexit in a fair vote.

Today we have published details of our monthly sanctions update:

“The Electoral Commission has fined the official Vote Leave campaign as well as Arron Banks’ Leave.EU campaign for breaking referendum campaigning rules. The referendum was not won fairly, and it’s another reason to demand a people’s vote – one that’s run fairly.”

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